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CBS sh*tty coverage

CBS sh*tty coverage

17 Feb 1994 11:41 CDT Hoseheads for Wu
  Here is a minute by minute count of CBS's coverage the last two 

15 February 1994

Breakdown      Minutes
Commercials     64    30%
Crap            15     7%
Fluff           23    11%
Sport          108    52%
      Total    210

Sport Breakdown   Minutes
Recap/Highlights     4   4%
Skiing(Wm SG/Free)  34  31%
Skating(Pairs)      70  65%
      Total        108

16 February

Breakdown      Minutes
Commercials     54   30%
Crap            12    7%
Fluff           46   26%
Sport           68   37%
        Total  180

Sport Breakdown      Minutes
Recap/Highlights        4   6%
Skiing(Freestyle)      34  50%
Luge(Women)             9  13%
Skating(Men Speed)     21  31%
              Total    68

  Fluff:  UCAPs, specials on the moose population, etc
  Crap:  'And coming up next......'  Stuff that is not
          Fluff or Commercials or Sport.  Also can be defined
          as filler.
  Commercials:  $$$$
  Sport:  Actual action (including intros, medal presentations,
          time waiting for scores, reasonable number of replays)
  Recap/Highlights:  The extra time spent discussing what happened


As some have said, the coverage on Tuesday was better than usual, and
the numbers obviously bear out that impression.  It is my opinio that
the reason that the coverage had more sports on Tuesday was because there
was figure skating (they always cover that 'well') and it also helped that
an American won the Women's Super G that had lots of crash-and-burn's to
show.  They seem to always show crashes, the americans, and the top
3 (or so) finishers.  Last night (Wednesday) was more typical of the
CBS coverage....not many crashes to report american's to
report on other than Weinbrecht (who was WAY over hyped since the beginning
of the coverage...I've seen at least 3 segments on her, including
her qualifying run....yack).

Anyway, them's the numbers.....
Numbers recorded by Jeff Chilton (

Sean Mattingly