CMU Telephone Dialing Instructions and Features

This file gives a short guide to using the CMU Centrex system. We do not cover optional features like call pickup, call waiting and intercom. We also do not cover the CDAR System or speed calling. For information on those features or for telephone repairs, contact the CMU Telecom Office at 8-8500 (in CS call Jim Skees at 8-7653).

Dialing Instructions:

Internal calls:
5 digit extension
Local calls:
9 + 7 digit number
Long distance:
9 + area code + 7 digit number
International calls:
9 + 011 + country code + city code + local number

Distinctive Ringing:
One ring ... CMU caller
Two rings ... External caller
Three rings ... Ring again

CMU ... 0
Bell of PA ... 9+0
AT&T ... 9+0+0

Directory Assistance Information:
CMU ... 0
412 area code ... 9 + 555-1212
US and Canada ... 9 + 1 + area code + 555-1212
International ... 9 + 0 + 0
Toll Free Numbers ... 9 + 1 + 800 + 555-1212

Dialing a CMU extension from outside CMU:
Use area code 412 and add the 268 prefix to the beginning of the CMU extension.

Emergency Numbers: Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm After 5pm and on weekends and holidays, call Campus Police for all services.

Call Answering & Handling Features

Depressing the Switchhook:
To depress the switchhook, hold it down for half a second (saying one-one-thousand takes half a second). You should then hear 3 fast beeps and a dial tone. If you don't hear the 3 fast beeps, try again. If your phone has a flash button, you can use it instead of depressing the switchhook.

Confirmation Tone:
Two short tones followed by a steady dial tone.
Call Transfer:

Like call transfer, but the third party hangs up after the consultation, not you. You may then resume the conversation with the first party.

Three Way Conference:
Like call transfer, but you depress the switchhook instead of hanging up.

Call Hold:
To Activate: To return to held call:

Call Park:
To park a call on your current extension: To retrieve the parked call: To park a call on another extension:

Call Forwarding Variable:
To activate: To cancel: If your line is forwarded, you will hear a short reminder ring on incoming calls. You will not be able to pick up the call until forwarding is cancelled.

Time Saving Features:

Ring Again:
To activate when a busy CMU extension is encountered: When busy CMU extension becomes free: To cancel ring again:

Speed Calling:
To program: To use:

Last Number Redial:
Depress #