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Objective: An academic or industry research position in Intelligent Systems with an emphasis on the practical application of learning techniques. Research interests include: machine learning, information filtering, Bayesian networks, optimization, parallel systems and search.

[9/88 - Present] PhD. program in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).
[9/81 - 6/85] A.B. degree in the Philosophy of Logic and Formal Systems from Stanford University.
[6/91 - Present] CMU.
Thesis work on tuning evaluation functions for search. Research on selective and parallel search in computer chess. Participant in the last two world computer chess championships and several international tournaments as well.
[9/91 - Present] A Mixed Bag, Pittburgh, PA.
Cofounder of company that develops medical products for continuous drip anesthesia.
[9/89 - 6/91] CMU.
Research on minimum description length learning. Developed the ILISP EMACS to LISP interface now used in research labs all over the world.
[8/91 - 11/93] Thinking Machines, Cambridge, MA.
Consultant on effort to develop a parallel chess program for the CM-5.
[6/89 - 9/89] Advanced Decision Systems (ADS), Mtn. View, CA.
Designed and implemented a parallel version of the learning algorithm CART that is 150 times faster than the serial version. Implemented a parallel genetic algorithm for training neural networks. Both were done on a 16K Connection Machine.
[9/88 - 6/89] CMU.
Developed simulators for the simulation of neural networks and genetic algorithms. Used them in research on evolving artificial life.
[8/85 - 7/88] ADS.
Research in perceptual grouping, vision environments and a parallel system for the control and representation of knowledge in a complex domain.
[3/84 - 6/85] AKG, Palo Alto, California.
Designed and developed a nationwide computerized polling and data analysis system. The system includes a compiler and tools for creating programs that integrate computer text, graphics, video and music for opinion and marketing research.
[9/84 - 6/85] Stanford University.
Researched and designed a computer vision system to test a new theory of human color constancy.
[9/79 - 3/84] Cyberia, Inc., Ames, Iowa.
Started a retail computer store which evolved into a software development and marketing company, employing 20 people. Acted as a programmer, salesperson, and manager. Developed a computer network, graphics language compiler, programmer support package, and several business packages. Involved in the design, manufacture and sales of other business and game software.
[4/79 - 9/79] Compas, Ames, Iowa.
Design, layout, testing, manufacturing and software for a line of computer hardware.
Date of Birth: February 25, 1962
Place of Birth: Ames, IA.
Citzenship: U.S.
Outside interests: Doing and teaching racquetball, rowing, and latin dancing, playing classical guitar.


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