bsy's News Related Pointers

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
News: This page contains news related pointers that I have collected. You may also wish to peruse the journals page that spok maintains.
  • The Cantor and Siegel Report
  • CNN headline news, & other sources
  • Headline news (subject line and short excerpts from netnews), by toad
  • Voice Of America and Worldnet Television server: program schedules, frequency/satellite downlink information, public announcements, and technical documents on international radio and television broadcasting.
  • The CBC Radio Trial at the Communications Research Centre's WWW Server.
  • Palo Alto Weekly
  • GNN from O'Reilly & Assoc, Inc
  • WiReD magazine's own WWW server (and gopher too)
  • WiReD, from (Singapore), with inlined images
  • The Internet Company's services, including the Electronic Newsstand, which contains the full text or excerpts (table of contents plus one or two articles) of many magazines; the New Republic is available in full text
  • Intertext magazine (from UCSD)
  • Texas Internet Consulting gopher server (contains Bruce Sterling's agitprop collection, which contains a copy of Hacker's Crackdown)
  • John Markov's New York Times article, ``A Free and Simple Computer Link'', hypertexted version (caltech)
  • The Tech, MIT's student paper

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