Venari Project

Project Goals

Venari means "to hunt" in Latin. The thrust of the Venari project at Carnegie Mellon University is addressing the problem of search, hence the name. We touch upon areas in programming and specification language design, semantics, and implementation; concurrent and distributed systems; databases and persistent objects; and software development libraries and environments.

The primary goal of the Venari Project is to provide software support for storing, accessing, and retrieving objects based on their semantics. To support that goal, we have designed and implemented linguistic extensions to the Standard ML programming language to provide persistent data and transactions.

A more complete statement of the project's goals is available here (in PostScript).

Venari Papers

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Venari People and Friends

Nick Haines, Darrell Kindred, Greg Morrisett, Scott Nettles, Gene Rollins, Jeannette Wing, Amy Moormann Zaremski

Related work

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