Pipelining with Futures

Guy E. Blelloch and Margaret Reid-Miller.
In Proceedings of the 9th Annual ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures. June 1997.

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Abstract: Pipelining has been used in the design of many PRAM algorithms to reduce their asymptotic running time. Paul, Vishkin and Wagener (PVW) used the approach in a parallel implementation of 2-3 trees. The approach was later used by Cole in the first O(log n) time sorting algorithm on the PRAM not based on the AKS sorting network, and has since been used to improve the time of several other algorithms. Although the approach has improved the asymptotic time of many algorithms, there are two practical problems: maintaining the pipeline is quite complicated for the programmer, and it forces the code to be executed in a highly synchronous manner, making it harder to schedule for locality or space efficiency.

In this paper we show how futures (a parallel language construct) can be used to implement pipelining without requiring the user to code it explicitly, allowing for much simpler code and more asynchronous execution. A runtime system then manages the pipelining implicitly. As with user-managed pipelining, we show how the technique reduces the depth of many algorithms by a logarithmic factor over the nonpipelined version. We describe and analyze four algorithms for which this is the case: a parallel merging algorithm on trees, a parallel version of insertion into and deletion from randomized balanced trees (treaps), and insertion into a variant of the PVW 2-3 trees. To determine the runtime of algorithms we first analyze algorithms in a language-based cost model in terms of the work w and depth d of computations, and then show universal bounds for implementing the language on various machine models.

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