Programming Parallel Algorithms: Class Notes

Guy E. Blelloch and Jonathan C. Hardwick.
CMU-CS-93-115, February 1993.

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Abstract: These are the lecture notes for CS 15-840B, a hands-on class in programming parallel algorithms. The class was taught in the fall of 1992 by Guy Blelloch, using the programming language NESL. It stressed the clean and concise expression of a variety of parallel algorithms. About 35 graduate students attended the class, of whom 28 took it for credit. These notes were written by students in the class, and were then reviewed and organized by Guy Blelloch and Jonathan Hardwick. The sample NESL code has been converted from the older LISP-style syntax into the new ML-style syntax. These notes are not in a polished form, and probably contain several errors and omissions, particularly with respect to references in the literature. Corrections are welcome.

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