Some other planners' homes

This is by no means a complete list of planning project sites. There's another good list at U Mass.

  • AIAI (home of O-plan)
  • U Washington (UCPOP, ZENO, BURIDAN, XII etc)
  • Graphplan, a graph-based planner.
  • NASA JPL's planning and scheduling group
  • SRI's AI group, with cool planning stuff including SIPE.
  • The TRAINS project using natural language dialog for mixed-initiative planning at Rochester.
  • TLPlan, a temporal logic planner.
  • Yochan at Arizona State.
  • Planning at Huddersfield
  • The Yale group also have a good list of other planning sites.
  • The Task Committee on Assembly and Task Planning of IEEE Robotics and Automation also have some interesting links.