Project Mach was an operating systems research project of the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science from 1985 to 1994.

Overview of the Mach Project

Current project status

Futher sources of information about Mach at CMU

- Answers to Frequently Asked Mach Questions.
- Mach publications, manuals, examples, tutorials, and installation references.
- Unlicensed sources and binaries for code distributed by the Mach project.
- Mach-US: the Mach Multi-server project information and documentation.
- A link to the ARTS group (Real-Time Mach) Home Page.

Project Members

- Current Project Members
- Former Project Members

Other sites doing Mach related work

- Open Software Foundation Grenoble Research Institute
- Open Software Foundation Cambridge Research Institute
- Helsinki University of Technology - LITES: the FreeBSD based server
- Tenon Systems, MachTen for the Machintosh
- The Free Software Foundation's GNU HURD multi-server OS
- University of Utah Flexible Mach-based Systems
- Masix, a multi-server OS running on Mach from MASI Laboratoy, University of Paris VI

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