Forecasted Resource Usage Module

This software is a CORBA based system consisting of three modules, the Collector, the Cache and the Reporter. The intended function of FRUM is the monitoring of network traffic, storing and analysis of traffic patterns and the prediction on near-term future resource load that the net may experience based upon past history.

FRUM works in the following manner, the Collector is invoked and begins running and its task is to take continuous readings of the network, organize the data and send it to the Cache system. This module is responsible for taking, storing and transmitting the collected data. Reporter, as expected is a module used to interpret and display the data stored in the Cache. This information can be either displayed in a graph form for users to examine or passed to a Sesco Policy as a data structure that is useful to Sesco in making application admissions or denials based on expected network usage.

There is a significan degree of effort involved in getting FRUM up and running, mostly in setting up a CORBA nameserver and related issues. There are also a few items of importance to note here one being that FRUM is not Posix compliant. Due to the complex nature of a FRUM installation there is no single install package that will do everything. It is suggested that someone attempting to start and run FRUM should contact the author of the program and he can assist. The author will make every attempt to assist but cannot guarentee overnight help.

Lemonte Green

The three modules can be downloaded with the following links. These archives are in .tar format, and FRUM is a Unix only based system.

FRUM Cache subsystem

FRUM Data collector subsystem

FRUM Reporter subsystem

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