The FoxNet Web Server

Welcome to the FoxNet, a system developed by the Fox Project at Carnegie Mellon University. If you are accessing this page via the URL, then you are currently using software which is written completely in an extension of the Standard ML programming language. This includes the HTTPD server and the TCP/IP protocol stack used by the server (essentially everything down to the network device driver). In this page, you can click on any reference to the FoxNet Web Server to see run-time statistics on the Standard ML process that is currently providing you with access to this web page.

The purpose of this server (besides providing access to part of the world-wide web) is to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Standard ML, a modern programming language that provides many advanced features, including static type-checking (with polymorphic types), automatic garbage collection, higher-order functions, parameterized modules, and a formally-specified semantics. By building systems in this language, the Project learns more about the design of modern programming languages, while at the same time discovering new structuring principles for high-performance systems.

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