CMU CS Fox Project: FoxNet 2.0 Release

The CMU Fox project is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of the FoxNet implementation of TCP/IP. FoxNet is implemented in an extension of the Standard ML programming language, and compiled using a modified SML/NJ version 109. The distribution includes the FoxNet sources, as well as the binaries and sources for the compiler, targeting alpha/OSF1 and mips/ultrix platforms.

The FoxNet 2.0 release is available via anonymous FTP from, directory "project/fox":

    foxnet.src.96.09.13.tar			FoxNet sources
    foxnet.bin.alpha32-osf1.96.09.13.tar	alpha binary
    foxnet.bin.mipsel-ultrix.96.09.13.tar	mips binary
    foxnet.foxml-source.96.09.13.tar		compiler sources

All of these are available in compressed (".Z") and gzipped (".gz") formats.

Our web server ( is a running demonstration of the FoxNet. It can be consulted for information, including papers, technical reports, and statistics on the running server.

Enquiries are being taken by