15-819A3 Specification, Verification, and Refinement of Software (6 units) Spring 2003

John C. Reynolds

First Half of Spring Semester 2003

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30-2:50 pm Wean Hall 4601

Course Description

Specification and verification of imperative programs, using the methods of Floyd, Hoare, and Dijkstra, and of the refinement calculus. Emphasis will be on the application to realistic programs. We hope to demonstrate verification techniques using an implementation of Hoare logic (by T. Nipkow) in Isabelle/HOL.

PREREQUISITES: Open to all CMU MS and PhD students. Undergraduates by permission of the instructor.

TEXT: Notes and papers will be distributed.

METHOD OF EVALUATION: Grading will be based on homework and final exam.

Class Notes (in Postscript)

Homework (in Postscript)

Tentative Bibliography

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