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The LTI colloquium is a series of talks related to language technologies. The topics include but are not restricted to Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Information Retrieval, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Knowledge Representation, Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Intelligent Language Tutoring. To get credit of the course, students are required to write either a short critique of one of the presentations or a comparison of two.


 Fridays 2:30-3:50pm


 7500 Wean Hall


 Teruko Mitamura, teruko (at)


 Yi-Chia Wang, yichiaw (at)


UpComing talk


April 29, Friday, 2:30pm

A Guided Tour of Latent Semantic Mapping

Jerome R. Bellegarda, Apple Inc.


Originally formulated in the context of information retrieval, latent semantic analysis exhibits three main characteristics: (i) words and documents (i.e., discrete entities) are mapped onto a continuous vector space; (ii) this mapping is determined by global correlation patterns; and (iii) dimensionality reduction is an integral part of the process. Because such fairly generic properties may be advantageous in a variety of different contexts, this has sparked interest in a more inclusive interpretation of the underlying paradigm. The outcome is latent semantic mapping, a data-driven framework for modeling global relationships implicit in large volumes of data. The purpose of this talk is to give a broad overview of the framework, highlight the possibilities it offers for general feature extraction, and underscore the multi-faceted benefits it can bring to a number of problems in speech and language processing. We conclude with a discussion of the inherent trade-offs associated with the approach, and some perspectives on its likely role in information extraction going forward.

Jerome R. Bellegarda is currently Apple Distinguished Scientist in Human Language Technologies at Apple Inc, Cupertino, California. His general interests span voice-driven man-machine communications, multiple input/output modalities, and multimedia knowledge management. In these areas he has written approximately 150 publications, and holds about 50 U.S. and foreign patents. He has served on many international scientific committees, review panels, and advisory boards. In particular, he has worked as Expert Advisor on speech technology for both the National Science Foundation and the European Commission, was Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, served on the IEEE Signal Processing Society Speech Technical Committee, and is currently an Editorial Board member for both Speech Communication and the ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.



Jan 14

---------------------No Colloquium---------------------

Jan 21

Alexander Hauptmann, SCS

Video Information Extraction for Long Term Activity Analysis in Health Care

Jan 28

----------Faculty Meeting (No Colloquium) ----------

Feb 4

Roni Rosenfeld

Predicting Influenza

Feb 11

David Smith,
Univ. of Mass

Efficient Inference for Declarative Approaches to Language

Feb 18

Jaime Carbonell

Language Technologies and Machine Learning
in Computational Proteomics

Feb 25

Open House

March 4

Steve Minton,
Fetch Technologies

Entity Resolution in a Open, Changing World

March 11

----------Spring Break (No Colloquium) ----------

March 18

Alice Oh (alumna)
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Applications of Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes

March 25

Ellen Riloff,
Univ of Utah

Adventures in Bootstrapping:
Acquiring Lexical Knowledge for NLP

March 30

David Ferrucci

Deep Dive into Deep QA
and Natural Language Technology

April 1

Eric Fosler-Lussier
Ohio State Univ.

Integrating speech science and technology:
New models for speech and audio processing

April 8

---------------------No Colloquium---------------------
(Instead, we will have Bonnie Webber on Apr. 21, which is Thursday)

April 15

---------- Spring Carnival (No Colloquium) ----------

April 21

Bonnie Webber
University of Edinburgh

Discourse Structures and Language Technologies

April 22

Mark Steedman
University of Edinburgh

The Statistical Problem of Language Acquisition

April 29

Jerome Bellegarda
Apple Inc.

A Guided Tour of Latent Semantic Mapping