11-700 LTI Colloquium

Fall 2010


The LTI colloquium is a series of talks related to language technologies. The topics include but are not restricted to Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Information Retrieval, Computational Biology, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Knowledge Representation, Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Intelligent Language Tutoring. To get credit of the course, students are required to write either a short critique of one of the presentations or a comparison of two.



Fridays 2:30-3:50pm


7500 Wean Hall


Teruko Mitamura, teruko (at)


Wei Chen, weichen (at)





Aug 27, 2010

--------------------------------------------No Colloquium-----------------------------------------------------------------

Sept 3, 2010

Noah Smith, LTI

Text-Driven Forecasting: Meaning as a Real Number

Sept 10, 2010

Carolyn Rose, LTI

Displayed Bias as a Reflection of Both Speaker and Intended Hearer in Conversational Settings

Sept 17, 2010

Justine Cassell, HCII

Understanding and Modeling Dialogue among Peers and its Role in Language-Learning

Sept 24, 2010

Abdur Chowdhury, Twitter, Inc.

Discovery & Emergence

Oct 1, 2010

Bob Murphy, Computational Biology, CMU

Representation and Learning of Protein Distributions and Cellular Organization

Oct 8, 2010

Ben Carterette, University of Delaware

Measuring Search Engine Utility

Oct 15, 2010

--------------------------No Colloquium (LTI Student Research Symposium)----------------------------------------

Oct 22, 2010

Paul Bennett, Microsoft

Class-Based Contextualized Search

Oct 29, 2010

Slav Petrov, Google Inc

Coarse-to-Fine Inference in Natural Language Processing

Nov 5, 2010

Katharina Morik, Technical University Dortmund

Data Mining Learning under Resource Constraints

Nov 12, 2010

Julia Hirschberg, Columbia University

WordsEye: Creating 3D Scenes from Natural Language Text

Nov 19, 2010

Nigel Ward, University of Texas at El Paso

Prosody and Prediction for Dialog Systems, and in particular for language modeling, adaptation and turn-taking

Nov 26, 2010

---------------------------------------No Colloquium (Thanksgiving)---------------------------------------------------

Dec 3, 2010

Regina Barzilay, MIT

Learning to Behave by Reading


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