Notes from the Maintainer

A big thanks goes out to Javed Rabbaini, who has been helping me clean up the broken links on the software sub-page.

An unexpected development in another project left me with no free time to moderate entries to the vision homepage for a couple of months. Actually, I had no free time for sleeping or eating either, but oh well. Take a look at the fruits of my labor (the Robotics Institute homepage). That project is not yet finished, but it has calmed down enough to allow me to spend a few hours each weekend catching up on my vision homepage duties.

After a long dry spell, I'm finally getting a few minutes of free time. Wrote a handy script to correct inconsistent fields in the database. No outward visible changes, but it has the side effect of allowing new fields to be easily added later should the need arise.

Fixed the dates on cgi script pages. Now it checks the file modification date rather than stupidly printing the current date. Updated the main submission page. That (I think) was the last page still lurking about that was in the old style. Aside from minor changes, that is all the style updating that I am going to do for a long time. Next up - script to correct inconsistent field names in the database.

Finally caught up again. Spring turns into summer - at least as far as I am concerned, and the "what's new" page is reset and old stuff is archived away.

Halfway caught up on submissions that were piling up. Fixed problem that was causing groups not to be displayed properly on the "unfiled entries" page.

Created this page and linked it to the main page. Drew maintainer icon. Currently updating the submission pages. Last week, I added instructions for the various fields and made the field names consistent across categories. Also cleaned up the look of the pages - made them a bit prettier (no more grey), and cleaned up the submission CGI code. This week, I am finishing up the submission updates.

Next up, catch up on the new submissions (they are starting to get backed up). Also - improve the images sub-page. It is one of the most popular and it is in sore need of some better organization.

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