Spring 2001 Meeting Schedule

AML meetings for the spring 2001 semester will be held every second Monday of the month at 5:30pm in Hamerschlag Hall 1112 (unless otherwise noted). Questions regarding the AML meetings should be directed to Rich Malak.

Abstracts will be posted as they become available.

Date SpeakerTalk Title
5 February 

Onder Efe

A Variable Structure Systems Theory Based Training Strategy for Computationally Intelligent Systems

19 February  Kiran Bhat
3D Vision techniques for F/X
   Curt Bererton
Towards a Team of Repairable Robots
5 March 

Prof. Chris Atkeson

Research in Humanoid Robotics
19 March  Kevin Dixon
Learning by Observation: Program Design by Interpretting User Intent
   Juan Domingo
Sound Localization System For The Millibots
2 April 

Soshi Iba

Robot Programming Through Multi-modal Interaction
9 April 

Jay Wylie

Survivable Storage Systems
   Rich Malak
Knowledge Transfer For Reinforcement Learning Agents
30 April  Wang Xiaofeng
Optimal Fictitious Learning: A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Model
14 May  Khaled Al-Ajmi
Modeling People Movers via a Modular, Composable, and Configurable Environment

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