Spring 2000 Meeting Schedule

AML meetings for the spring 2000 semester will be held every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 5:00pm in Hamerschlag Hall 1112. Questions regarding the AML meetings should be directed to Spence Oliver.

February 21

Khaled Al-Ajmi

Parameter Estimation in Wiener-Hammerstein Models

Mahesh Saptharishi

Robust Autonomous Visual Surveillance

March 6

Poj Tangamchit

A Study of Multirobot Cooperation

Bob Grabowski

Future Directions of the Millibot Project

March 20

Ted Pham

Port-Based Adaptable Agent Architecture

Wang Xiaofeng

Multi-Agent Learning to Secure Computing System

April 3

Soshi Iba

Gesture-Based Control of a Robot

Chris Paredis

How Can I Improve My Research?

April 17

Spence Oliver

Autonomous Mission Planning

Luis Navarro-Serment

Formation Control of Robotic Teams

May 1

Alvaro Soto

Adaptive Visual Perception Using Visual Cues for Robot Navigation

Mike Vande Weghe

Millibot Train

Spence Oliver
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