A Nitpick Analysis of Mobile IPv6

Author: Daniel Jackson, Yuchung Ng, and Jeannette M. Wing

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A lightweight formal method enables partial specification and automatic analysis by sacrificing breadth of coverage and expressive power. By design, NP is a specification language that is a subset of Z and Nitpick is a tool that quickly and automatically checks properties of finite models of systems specified in NP. We used NP to state two critical acyclicity properties of Mobile IPv6, a new internetworking protocol that allows mobile hosts to communicate with each other. In our Nitpick analysis of Mobile IPv6 we discovered a flaw in a 1996 version of the design: one of the acyclicity properties does not hold. It takes only two hosts to exhibit this flaw. This paper gives self-contained overviews of Mobile IPv6 and of NP and Nitpick to understand the details of our specification and analysis