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PTAGS: Creates a tags file from Prolog sources

Ptags creates a tags file for the Prolog predicates as defined in the source files supplied as input. Its use is analogous to that of ctags(1). Like ctags, output is sent to a file called tags in the current directory. Each line in the tags file contains three tab-separated fields: the first is the name of each predicate defined in the source files; the second is the name of the file where the predicate is defined; and the third is an instruction to be executed by vi(1) or ex(1) to find the definition within the source file. As with ctags, the tags file is sorted alphabetically by predicate name.

   ptags.shar, posted to comp.sources.unix Volume 17, Issue 93,
   by Chris Tweed, 9-FEB-89

Version: 5-MAR-89 Requires: C CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Author(s): Chris Tweed Bob Kemp Keywords: Authors!Kemp, Authors!Tweed, Prolog!Utilities, Tags, ex@{\tt ex}, ptags@{\tt ptags}, vi@{\tt vi} References: ?
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