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Telos: Implementation of the EuLisp Object System

This directory contains implementations of the EuLisp object system in Common Lisp (Telos) and Scheme (Telosis).
   as the file feel0.90.tgz [] (alt site)

Version: Telos 3.1 (17-DEC-93); Telosis 1.00f (7-SEP-93) Ports: Feel is known to run on Sun3, Sun4, Stardent Titan, KSR-1, Alliant Concentrix 2800, Orion clippers, DEC VAX, HP 730, DECstation 3000, Gould UTX/32, and Inmos T800 transputer (using CS-Tools). (All bar the last four have a threads mechanism.) It can run in multi-process mode on the first three machines, and hopefully any other SysV-like machine with shared memory primitives. Porting Feel to new machines is reasonably straightforward. It now also runs on MS-DOS machines. Copying: Copyright (c) 1989 Codemist and the University of Bath Use, copying, and distribution permitted, provided the copyright message is retained intact. CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Bug Reports: Contact: For the EuLisp Object System, implemented in Common Lisp: Russell Bradford For the EuLisp Object System, implemented in Scheme: Keith Keywords: Authors!Bradford, Authors!Keith, EuLisp, EuLisp Object System, Feel, OOP!Common Lisp, OOP!EuLisp, OOP!Scheme, Programming Languages!EuLisp, Telosis Contains: mail/ Mailing list archives misc/ Miscellaneous code. telos/ The EuLisp Object System in Scheme and Common Lisp comp/ Sources for the compiler. feel/ Sources for FEEL. doc/ Language definition, overviews, etc. References: Documentation includes: lasc.tar Lisp and Symbolic Computation 6(1-2), 1993, which includes an overview of EuLisp. defn*.tar Various incarnations of the EuLisp language definition. 930901.tar LaTeX source for definition version 0.99 of the EuLisp language. proposal.tar Some EuLisp/Feel proposals and miscellaneous documentation. isolisp.tar Various versions of the ISO Lisp draft standard.
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