Contributing Files to the Repository

For a program to be included in the Repository, it must be freely distributable. The author(s) may retain a copyright on the programs, but must allow anybody to copy and use the files without charge. If the author(s) later decide to commercialize the program, the version included in the Repository will remain available for free.

Programs that have been placed in the public domain (e.g., by the author publicly announcing "I place this program in the public domain") may also be included in the repository, since by placing a program in the public domain, the author has given up all rights to the program.

A package must, in general, include the source code in the distribution for us to consider adding it to the repository.

If you would like to contribute a program or other files to the Repository, send a message to giving us permission to include the file in the repository (and also on the AI CD-ROM, if that is acceptable to you). Files may be placed in   [] 
and should include a 0.doc file. An example 0.doc file can be found in this directory. If you don't want to write your own 0.doc file, we can write one for you, provided you give us the necessary information somewhere in your package.

All contributions must also be accompanied by an unambiguous copyright statement -- either a declaration by the author that the materials are in the public domain, that the materials are subject to the GNU General Public License (cite GPL version), or that the materials are subject to copyright, but the copyright holder grants permission for free use, copying, and distribution. Inclusion of materials in the repository does not modify the author's rights to the work in any way. (If your copyright notice is too restrictive for us to include the files in the repository, we'll let you know.)