CMU AI Repository Keyword Search

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The Keys Program

keys version 1.0 (19-JUL-94)
Copyright (c) 1994 by Mark Kantrowitz. All rights reserved.
Please see copying.txt for details.

This program searches the keyword index and package list files for the CMU AI Repository and/or the PTF for AI CD-ROM for all packages that match the keywords given on the command line. If any packages match, they are printed.

A package must match all the keywords to be printed. To perform several searches at once, separate the keywords with 'or' or '-o'.

Keywords are compared with the keyword index in a case-insensitive fashion. Keywords may be regular expressions in the format used by ed or grep. You do not need to quote the regular expressions, as characters that are special to the shell have been protected.

Regular Expression Syntax Synopsis

A synopsis of regular expression syntax is as follows:
   char     Matches itself
   .        Matches any single character except newline
   ?        Preceding item is optional
   *        Preceding item may be included 0 or more times
   +        Preceding item may be included 1 or more times
   |        OR
   ^        Beginning of line
   $        End of line
   <        Beginning of word
   >        End of word
   [chars]  Range of characters, e.g., [a-z], [abde], [0-9]
   \        Use before one of above characters to escape it
   ()       Overrides operator precedence, and provides 'memory'
   \n       Matches repeat of text matched earlier in nth ()

Keyword Searching By Mail

To search the keyword index by mail, send a message to with lines like
   keys lisp faq
in the message body. You'll get a response by return mail. For help on the query mail server, include a line like
instead. File retrieval is not yet implemented.

Please be courteous, and phrase your keyword searches so as to not overwhelm our mailer and yours.

Source Code for Keys

The source code for the keys program is available as the gzipped tar file keys.tgz.

Use, copying, and distribution of keys for non-commercial and personal use purposes is permitted. Commercial use, especially publication on CD-ROM in any form, is prohibited without the express prior written approval of the author. Please see the file copying.txt for details.