[6-7] Where can I get an implementation of Prolog in Lisp?

Implementations of Prolog in Lisp:

   The Frolic package from the University of Utah is written in Common Lisp
   and available by anonymous ftp from cs.utah.edu:/pub/frolic.tar.Z
   LM-PROLOG by Ken Kahn and Mats Carlsson is written in ZetaLisp and not
   easily portable to Common Lisp. It is available by anonymous ftp from
   Peter Norvig's book "Paradigms of AI Programming" includes Common Lisp
   implementations of a prolog interpreter and compiler. The software is
   available by anonymous ftp from unix.sri.com:/pub/norvig/ and on disk in
   Macintosh or DOS format from the publisher, Morgan Kaufmann.  For more
   information, contact: Morgan Kaufmann, Dept. P1, 2929 Campus Drive, Suite
   260, San Mateo CA 94403, (800) 745-7323; FAX: (415) 578-0672

   Harlequin's LispWorks comes with Common Prolog -- a fast
   Edinburgh-compatible Prolog integrated with Common Lisp.  Write to:
   Harlequin Limited, Barrington Hall, Barrington, Cambridge, CB2 5RG, call
   0223 872522 (or 44223 872522 outside UK), telex 818440 harlqn g, fax 0223
   872519, or send email to ai@uk.co.harlqn (or ai@harlqn.co.uk for US people).

   eLP (Ergo Lambda Prolog) is an interpreter written by Conal Elliott,
   Frank Pfenning and Dale Miller in Common Lisp and implements the core
   of lambda Prolog (higher-order hereditary Harrop formulas). It is
   embedded in a larger development environment called ESS (the Ergo
   Support System).  eLP implements all core language feature and offers
   a module system, I/O, some facilities for tracing, error handling,
   arithmetic, recursive top-levels, on-line documentation and a number
   of extended examples, including many programs from Amy Felty's and
   John Hannan's thesis.  It should run in Allegro Common Lisp, Lucid
   Common Lisp, Kyoto Common Lisp, CMU Common Lisp and Ibuki Common Lisp.
   The eLP implementation of lambda Prolog is no longer developed or
   maintained, but it is still available via anonymous ftp from
   ftp.cs.cmu.edu:/afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/ergo/export/ess/. The file
   ergolisp.tar.Z contains the Ergo project's extensions to Common Lisp,
   including some facilities for attributes and dealing with abstract
   syntax trees. The file sb.tar.Z contains the Ergo
   Parser/Unparser/Formatter generator and ab.tar.Z contains the Ergo
   Attribute Grammar facility. The file elp.tar.Z contains the Ergo
   implementation of lambda Prolog.  To customize grammars you need the
   sb.tar.Z file.  When you retrieve the system, please print, fill out,
   and send in a copy of the non-restrictive license you will find in the
   file LICENSE. To subscribe to the elp@cs.cmu.edu mailing list, send
   mail to elp-request@cs.cmu.edu. Bugs should be sent to

   The book "On Lisp" by Paul Graham includes an implementation of
   Prolog in Common Lisp. The code is available by anonymous ftp from
   and also in the CMU AI Repository as 

See the Scheme FAQ for information on implementations of Prolog in Scheme.
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