[25] HCI: AI Applications to Human-Computer Interface Design


   The STUDENTS.CHI mailing list has been established by the SIGCHI
   Extended Executive Committee (EEC) and Xerox (the corporate sponsor of
   the CHI email distribution lists).

   The objective of STUDENTS.CHI is to distribute information and
   share perspectives of particular concern to students involved in any
   aspect of the human factors and computing field.  The Human-Computer
   Interaction field (HCI) focuses on the research, design, development and
   evaluation of human-computer communication and interaction.

   Other distribution lists include: 
      announcements.chi       Broadcasts messages of general interest
      educators.chi           Discussion of education in HCI issues
      ii.chi                  Messages related to intelligent interfaces
      intercultural.chi       Cross-cultural issues and SIGCHI
      socialaction.chi        Discussion of CHI-related Social Issues
      techprogram.chi         Long range planning of CHI conf. program
      vision.chi              Discussions related to the future of SIGCHI

   To be added to a mailing list, send a list of the CHI lists that you
   want to receive to Nick Briggs at "Registrar.chi@xerox.com".


   All requests to be added to or deleted from this list, problems, questions,
   etc., should be sent to wiley!ai-chi-request@LLL-LCC.LLNL.GOV.

   [This machine seems to be defunct. Anybody knowing the new location
   of the mailing list should send mail to mkant+ai-faq@cs.cmu.edu.]
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