[24] Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming

Genetic Algorithms Digest:

   GA-List@AIC.NRL.NAVY.MIL (moderated; digest format)

   Send subscription requests to the -request form of the list 
   or to gref@aic.nrl.navy.mil.

   Past copies of the digest are archived on 
   Some software is also archived there.

Discussion of genetic algorithms also appears from time to time in
comp.ai.neural-nets and comp.theory.self-org-sys.

Genetic Programming:


   A mailing list for discussion of Genetic Programming. See Koza's
   book for details.

   All requests to be added to or deleted from this list, problems,
   questions, etc., should be sent to

   The genetic-programming mailing list is archived on
   ftp.cc.utexas.edu:/pub/genetic-programming/ along with some code and papers.

Evolutionary Programming Email Digest:

   The digest is intended to promote discussions on a wide range of
   technical issues in evolutionary optimization, as well as provide
   information on upcoming conferences, events, journals, special issues,
   and other items of interest to the EP community.  Discussions on all
   areas of evolutionary computation are welcomed, including artificial
   life, evolution strategies, and genetic algorithms.  The digest is
   meant to encourage interdisciplinary communications.

   To subscribe to the digest, send mail to ep-list-request@magenta.me.fau.edu
   and include the line "subscribe ep-list" in the body of the text.  Further
   instructions will follow your subscription.

   The digest will be moderated by N. Saravanan of Florida Atlantic
   University, <saravan@amber.me.fau.edu>.

Evolutionary Computing:
   This is a UK discussion group for genetic programming, artificial
   life, and other topics in evolutionary computing.

   To subscribe, send mail to mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk with 
       join evolutionary-computing <Your Full Name>
   in the message body.

GEnetic Algorithms Research Students (GEARS):

   A mailing list for students conducting research in the field of
   genetic algorithms. Example topics may include 
      "How do I get started in GA research?",
      "Has x ever been tried before?"
      "Does anyone else get these results?"
      "Where can I obtain this paper?"
      "My supervisor's annoying me!"

   To subscribe, send mail to gaphd-list-request@dcs.warwick.ac.uk.

   The list is maintained by Martyn Amos <martyn@dcs.warwick.ac.uk>.


   GANN is a mailing list concerned with the use of evolutionary
   algorithms (genetic algorithms, genetic programming and their
   variants) in the exploration of the design space of (artificial)
   neural network architectures and algorithms. The list will be
   semi-moderated to keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible.

   To subscribe to the list, send mail to gann-request@cs.iastate.edu  
   in the Subject line.

   Moderated by Dr. Vasant Honavar <honavar@cs.iastate.edu>, 
   Dr. Mike Rudnick <rudnick@cs.tulane.edu> and Mr. Karthik
   Balakrishnan <balakris@cs.iastate.edu>.
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