Shell scripts to assist in using the disc

These scripts are intended to help you find and install packages, and otherwise work with the disc. Feel free to adapt them to your own needs, if they do not currently do what you wish. Let us know about any bugs or other opportunities for improvement: Much of the complexity in these scripts results from the fact that there are four distinct decisions a UNIX vendor can make in presenting ISO-9660 file names to the user. The decisions are whether or not to: hide version numbers map alphabetic characters to lower case hide trailing periods when no extension exists A given ISO-9660 file (e.g., "FOO.;1") may thus be displayed by your UNIX system in any of eight possible ways: foo foo. foo;1 foo.;1 FOO FOO. FOO;1 FOO.;1 Because ISO-9660 files have no permission bits, vendors also get to chose among some 4096 (2^12) possible mode combinations. Worse, some vendors do not allow direct execution of scripts, even when the mode allows it. We have therefore decided to assume mode 444 (r--r--r--). We have attempted to make our scripts work in all cases. We try to handle all case, mode, and version number variations. By ensuring that all our file names have extensions, we eliminate the trailing period problem. We may have failed in some respect, however, or your vendor may have created yet another case. If so, please let us know (
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CD-ROM: Keywords: Contains: i.csh Initialize csh variables (source a2z/bin/i.csh) i.ksh Initialize ksh variables ( . a2z/bin/i.ksh) Initialize sh variables ( . a2z/bin/ Ask all about a topic or package (look at the 0.doc file) Ask about a topic or package (take a shorter look...) Get (unzip, untar) an archive Get (unzip, untar) a topic or package Look up matching packages, given a keyword Look up matching packages, given a set of keywords (Note: the above keywords are actually grep-style regular expressions.) References: ?