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Making files available via the SCS anonymous FTP servers

Several of the CS web servers accept anonymous FTP connections. The hostname will resolve (on a round-robin basis) to one of those web servers. If you have files in a directory in AFS, you can make these files available via anonymous FTP to through the following steps:

  1. Create the directory you want to have files served from. For example, /afs/cs/user/bovik/ftp. It is suggested that you create any subdirectories after step 2, since the AFS directories you create will inherit the ACL of their parent.
  2. Set AFS ACL for this directory. In particular, the special group "wwwsrv:http-ftp" must have read and lookup rights on that directory. To set this ACL, use the command:
    fs sa /afs/cs/user/bovik/ftp wwwsrv:http-ftp rl
    where you substitute the name of your directory for the example. It is important that this (and any other directories you make available via anonymous FTP) are not writable by anonymous FTP users.
  3. Create a .htaccess file for this directory. In the simplest case, just create an empty file called .htaccess in the top level of your ftp area. See our .htaccess documentation for other examples, but note that the FTP server only understands a very limited subset of .htaccess commands. You should not put this file in your top-level AFS directory for security reasons.
  4. Make sure that wwwsrv:http-ftp has at least lookup ("l") AFS access to all directories on the path to your FTP area and can read the .htaccess file that you created.