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The Purchasing group within SCS Computing Facilities provides purchasing and property-management-related services to members of the SCS community:
  • Technical procurement: We are responsible for purchasing all technical equipment, (that is, computers and other items that directly support SCS research) by the Departments that compose SCS.
  • Technical receiving: We are the central delivery point for all shipments to the School of Computer Science.

To contact SCS Computing Facilities about either function, send mail to: <>.

For details on how to buy equipment through SCS Facilities and how the purchasing process works, see the Make a purchase page.

Our Glossary defines several terms that have specific meanings within the University purchasing system. The first use of such terms in the text below will be italicized and linked to its definition.

Technical procurement

All purchases of technical equipment, both capital and noncapital, must be arranged through SCS Facilities if the cost, including shipping, exceeds $1000. Noncapital Tartan Card purchases can be made either by SCS Facilities or by the cardholder. For nontechnical purchases (consulting, furniture, etc), contact Chris Coleman <>.


  • Capital equipment purchases cannot be made using Oracle strings that are within 90 days of their final close.
  • Be sure to have a PO created by us and any necessary supporting documentation in place before services are rendered or products are ordered.

Technical receiving

If you order an item through the SCS Purchasing group, you will receive an e-mail notice when your order has arrived (and been tagged, if it is capital or noncapital equipment) advising where to pick it up. If the item is a computer, you will also receive additional information concerning how to request Facilities services for your new machine.

Purchases may be picked up between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

You must pick up your order within 30 days of notification or make special arrangements with us. To make a special arrangement, please contact <>.

Resources and forms

The following Websites and forms relate to purchasing, receiving, and property-management tasks [Offsite links will open in a new browser window]:
CMU Procurement Services
Carnegie Mellon's PS Department is dedicated to managing the effective and efficient procurement of quality goods and services in support of CMU's mission and goals. Their Website maintains numerous purchasing-related forms, including the:

Off-campus authorization form [.pdf]
Complete this form if you intend to take equipment off campus. Mandatory for laptop purchases

SCS Facilities services

Additional resources

The following offsite links will open in a new browser window:
CMU Property Accounting Services
These are the folks who keep track of asset tags and the equipment to which they are attached.