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iPass T-Mobile service

From the iPass press release: Over 4,200 T-Mobile Hotspots in North America were made active in the iPassConnect access point directory on March 5, 2004. Customers can now access the T-Mobile HotSpot network using the same iPass Corporate Access service they depend on to stay connected to important office information.

SCS-specific information

Please read the following SCS-specific information about the iPass T-Mobile service before using it.


The cost of the T-Mobile service is $9.99 a day for unlimited usage from unlimited T-Mobile Hot Spots. A day is defined as starting at 12 AM and ending at 11:59PM. The day is not defined as 24 hours from when you first connect. SCS Facilities will pay the $9.99 per day per active user fee.

Restrictions on use

The iPass/T-Mobile service is intended for use by SCS users while traveling; iPass charges are billed to SCS Facilities. Please do not use the iPass/T-Mobile service in the Pittsburgh area (or in your "home campus" area). When you are in your home campus area, use a T-Mobile account instead. The iPass/T-Mobile service should not be used as the primary method to access the Internet when away from campus for extended periods such as for a summer internship.


iPass is available at over 4,200 T-Mobile Hotspots in North America. However, not all T-Mobile hot spots are available via iPass. The iPass service only works on T-Mobile sites on the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile hot spots on 3rd party networks are not available via iPass.

How to use the service

If you have problems connecting to an iPass/T-Mobile hot spot after following the instructions below, reboot your machine and try again. Contact if the problem persists.

For non-Linux users

The T-Mobile hot spots available via iPass should be in the list of wireless sites for the selected area. You will need to update your iPass phonebook if you haven't done so in a while in order to see the list of T-Mobile hot spots. To update your iPass phone book:

  1. Connect your laptop to an active network connection
  2. Start the iPass client
  3. Select "Options"
  4. Select "Update phonebook"
  5. Restart the iPass client once the update is complete

For Linux users at iPass/T-Mobile hot spots

  1. Open a Web browser. You should receive a webpage which is associated with the provider.
  2. The provider's webpage should provide a section to log in.
  3. Enter your username as "IPASS/cs.cmu/username@yourdomain". For example: IPASS/cs.cmu/bovik/
  4. Enter your /remote Kerberos instance password. Do not use your primary Kerberos userid and password. If you do not have a /remote Kerberos instance, see our documentation on how to create Kerberos instances.