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Linux Server Accounts

SCS now maintains a group of general-use linux hosts intended to replace the old "UX" hosts. To access these new hosts, connect to LINUX.GP.CS.CMU.EDU. You may need to contact the SCS Help Desk [ - 412-268-4231] and request an account first.

If you've previously used a UX machine, you will find switching to LINUX.GP.CS.CMU.EDU to be a very easy transition. If your home directory is in AFS, you will find it exactly as you left it on the old UX machine, and most, if not all, commands that you have used in the past will work as expected.

Note: the new LINUX.GP host will NOT be used as a mail drop. Our Corvid email system will take over those duties.

To login to the LINUX server

In order to login to the linux server, you will need to connect to it with an encrypting telnet or an SSH client. does not accept non-encrypted connections.

Your home directory

Your home directory on the linux server is likely in AFS, in the directory /afs/cs/user/your_username (for example, /afs/cs/user/bovik if your SCS username is "bovik"). This directory is created with an initial quota of 1 GB, and you can use the Jeeves service to increase your AFS quota up to a maximum of 10 GB. Please see our AFS documentation for information on how to use AFS.

Usage restrictions

The linux server is only intended for basic tasks which require the use of a command-line operating system. It is not to be used for tasks such as running CPU or memory-intensive programs or for software development. It is expected that your account sponsor or project will provide the facilities needed for such purposes.

If you need access to a machine of a particular type in order to perform some platform-specific task, such as compiling software for a misc collection, email or call 412-268-4231. Other general-use Unix hosts may be available for such purposes.