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  Courses, Teaching and Students
Grades and Rosters: S3 (Student Service Suite)
Courses: schedules / blackboard / FCEs
TAs: request and assignments
The HUB: finals schedule / classrooms
SCS: undergrad / masters / PhD
US: Taulbee survey

SCS Policies+
consulting / leave of absence/sabbaticals
faculty search information**
courtesy and adjunct appointments
reappointment and promotions

CMU Policies
appointment and tenure / consulting
faculty leaves / parental leaves /
copyright policy ("fair use" standard) /
cheating and plagiarism /
student's right to privacy /
faculty handbook / faculty senate /
travel expenses


Calendars and Meetings
SCS: conference rooms (reserving) /
     calendar (submit) / seminar series
CSD: black Friday
CMU: academic calendar / events /
     senate mtgs / reqst. mtng. space

CMU: faculty/staff directory
SCS: email lists / directory / key contacts

SCS Computing Facilities
Computer charges: rates+ / your charges
Order equipment:
iPass / printers

CMU Benefits and Services
CMU Works (online benefits and pay) /
new employees / ID cards /
tuition benefits (for children) /
parking / child care (Cyert Center) /
payroll / technology transfer office /
university planning / computer store /
procurement services


Funding and Moneys
online grant reports
SCS: graduate fellowships
CMU: office of sponsored research /
    sponsored projects accounting /
    gift criteria / gift admin fee
NSF: fastlane / / CISE

CMU: hours / catalog / course reserves
ORGS: ACM Digital Library / IEEE

Other Information
SCS: faculty hiring** / acronyms
faculty awards
Visitors: directions/map / hotels/limos
Travel: fast visas and passports
women@scs / top CS departments
ACM (SIGs) / IEEE (Computer Society) /
     AAAI / SIAM
CRA: Taulbee Survey

SCS: home / faculty page
CMU: home/ faculty/staff

    + = only available within or domain
    ** = ask Rachel Shackelford (rshackel at cs dot cmu dot edu) if you can't access this page.

Updated August 2014

Other CS Departments

Here are links to the "top 20" US computer science departments. For a more comprehensive list of links to computer science departments and institutes see the Yahoo List.
  • Brown (Seminars)
  • Caltech (Seminars)
  • Cornell (Seminars)
  • Harvard University (Seminars)
  • MIT (Seminars)
  • New York University (Seminars)
  • Princeton (Seminars)
  • Rice (Seminars)
  • Stanford (Seminars)
  • UC Berkeley (Seminars)
  • UCLA (Seminars)
  • University of Illinois (Seminars)
  • University of Maryland at College Park (Seminars)
  • University of Massachusetts (Seminars)
  • USC (Seminars)
  • UT Austin (Seminars)
  • University of Washington (Seminars)
  • University of Wisconsin (Seminars)
  • Yale (Seminars)

  • Mailing Lists

    Due to conversion to mailman these lists are now maintained using the mailman mailing list interface. This means that only the administrator gets to see who is on the lists. See the bottom of the mailman page for each list to see who maintains the list.

    SCS mailing lists

    All SCS faculty, including teaching, research and special faculty, courtesy and adjunct appointments, and support staff, as requested.

    CSD mailing lists

    This list includes all CSD faculty plus adjunct, courtesy and friends of the department, and administrators who support the faculty.
    Faculty with full or joint appointments in CSD. Does not include postdocs.
    Faculty at the level of Associate Professor/Senior Research Scientist and above in the CS Department.
    All tenure-level teaching- and research-track faculty in the CS Department.
    Active student members of the CSD PhD program.

    Other Unit Mailing Lists

    Robotics faculty.
    Faculty associated with the HCI Institute. This includes faculty from various departments around campus.
    Faculty associated with MLD. Diane Stidle.
    Core MLD faculty.
    Core faculty from the Language Technologies Institute.
    Faculty associated with the Language Technologies Institute. Comments welcome!