16-311 Introduction to Robotics
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16-311 Course Overview

The following course outline is tentative. Time allotted to some topics may be modified during the semester.

No student may record or tape any classroom activity without the express written consent of Howie Choset. If a student has a disability and needs to record or tape classroom activities, the student should contact the Office of Disability Resources to request an appropriate accommodation.


Week Day Topics Assignments
Week 1 Mon 1/16
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No Class
Tue 1/17
Course Overview, Logistics
Waitlist students talk to Dr. Choset
Class robot pictures Assign Teams
Rube Goldberg Overview
Homework 0 (C, MATLAB,
HTML, PDF) assigned
Lab 1 (Rube Goldberg Machine)
Wed 1/18
Computer Vision Part I Homework 1 (Vision) assigned
Week 2
Mon 1/23
Computer Vision Part II
Tue 1/24
Demo Lab 1
Location: REL

Homework 0 due at 10:30 AM
(note, this homework is due on Tuesday)

Lab 1 demo due
Wed 1/25
Recap Lab 1
Guest speaker: Deva Ramanan on Vision Research
Introduction to Neural Networks
Homework 1 due at beginning of class
Homework 2 (Vision) assigned
Lab 2 (Vision) assigned
Week 3 Mon 1/30
Finish Computer Vision Part II
Controls Part I
Tue 1/31
Hand out Lego Kits(mandatory)
Bring Team Contract

Lab 2 due at 4:30 PM
Wed 2/1
RobotC & the NXT kits
ROBOTC Getting Started Guide
Homework 2 due at beginning of class
Homework 3 (Controls) assigned
Lab 3 (Dead Reckoning) assigned
Week 4 Mon 2/6
Class begins at 11:05. Discuss ARM Institute
Controls Part II
Tue 2/7
Demo Lab 3
Location: REL
Lab 3 demo due
Wed 2/8
Guest Speaker: Matt Travers on control of snake robots Homework 3 due at beginning of class
Homework 4 (Planning) assigned
Lab 4 (Self-balancing Robot) assigned
Week 5 Mon 2/13
Motion Planning Part I
Tue 2/14
Demo Lab 4 Lab 4 demo due
Wed 2/15
Motion Planning Part II
Homework 4 due at beginning of class
Homework 5 (Planning) assigned
Lab 5 (Path Planning) assigned
Week 6 Mon 2/20
Moore's Law
Graph Search Part I
Tue 2/21
Demo Lab 5 Lab 5 demo due
Wed 2/22
Graph Search Part II
Localization Part I
Homework 5 due at beginning of class
Homework 6(Localization) assigned
Lab 6 (Localization) assigned
Week 7 Mon 2/27
Localization Part II
Tue 2/28
Demo Lab 6 Lab 6 demo due
Wed 3/1
Hand out USAR
Old Exams
Homework 6 due at beginning of class
Week 8 Mon 3/6
Tue 3/7
Hand back midterm and review
Lab 7/Homework 7: USAR Proposals due at 11:59 PM
Wed 3/8
Evaluate Design Proposals (Groups)

Spring Break

Week 9 Mon 3/20
Guest Speaker: Khalid Jawed on rod mechanics
Tues 3/21 NO CLASS (USAR Preparation)
Midterm regrade requests due
Wed 3/22
Human-Robot Interaction Part I
Guest lecturer: Jodi Forlizzi on HRI
Week 10 Mon 3/27
USAR Open Lab Hours (no class) --
Tue 3/28
USAR Checkpoint Lab 7/Homework 8: Checkpoint Demo Due
Wed 3/29
Feedback in Class and Final Contest Prep
Week 11 Mon 4/3
NO CLASS (USAR Preparation) --
Tue 4/4
USAR Demos (by appointment) Lab 7/Homework 9: USAR Contest Day 1 demo due
Wed 4/5
USAR Final Competition:
Location: REL (NSH 3206)
s Time: 10:30-12:00
Lab 7/Homework 9: USAR Contest Day 2 demo due
Week 12 Mon 4/10
USAR Wrapup
Kinematics 1
Coordinate Transformations Intro

Tue 4/11
Kinematics 2
Wed 4/12
Inverse Kinematics 1 Lab 8 (Wheel-Free) assigned
Homework 10 (Forward Kinematics) assigned
Week 13 Mon 4/17
Inverse Kinematics 2 Meet Final Contest Team
Tue 4/18
Demo Lab 8 Lab 8 demo due
Wed 4/19
Non-Holonomic Path Planning 1 Hsomework 11(Inverse Kinematics) assigned
Lab 9 (Inverse Kinematics) assigned
Homework 10 due at beginning of class
Week 14 Mon 4/24
Non-Holonomic Path Planning 2
Tue 4/25
Demo Lab 9 Lab 9 demo due
Wed 4/26
Guest Speaker: TBA Homework 12 (Non-Holonomic Constraints) assigned
Lab 10 (Student-Defined Lab) assigned
Homework 11 due at beginning of class
Week 15 Mon 5/1
Final Review
Tue 5/2
Demo Lab 10
Lab 10 Round 1
Wed 5/3
Demo Lab 10 (Final Contest) Lab 10 demo due
Homework 12 due at beginning of class
Week 16-17 Final Exam Date
Final Exam Time
Final Exam Location
Bring an 8 1/2 by 11 cheat sheet (both sides).

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