Homework 0

16-311: Introduction to Robotics

Professor Howie Choset

Learning Objectives

How to Make a Webpage:

P1. Identify a Robot (30 points)

Find a picture of a robot not from Carnegie Mellon, on the web and display it. Comment on its application in terms of sense, plan, and act.

Deliverable: Create a webpage containing your text answers (and any pictures) in HTML formal. Host it, and submit a link to it in a plain-text file called p1.txt. The site must be available for at least one week after the submission deadline to receive credit.

P2. Matrix-Vector Evaluator (35 points)

Complete a C program to perform 3x1 vector and 3x3 matrix arithmetic. You are required to use this sample code.

The program should take from standard input one line at a time a sequence of expressions, described below:

A line with nothing on it should do nothing. The command END should terminate the program.

The following are the commands to be defined:

Take a look at some clarifications, sample input and a sample program here.

Tips for compiling in clusters.

Deliverable: Your commented source code named p2.c. It must compile and run on the Andrew Unix machines (we will use a build process very similar to the "Tips for compiling in clusters.").

P3. Using Matlab (35 points)

We'll introduce you to the basics of Matlab here. You may download it for free using your CMU License here. Using these files created by Sarah Tan, complete the following questions.

Deliverable: Your commented and compilable matlab code in a file called p3.m.


Collect ONLY your deliverables into a tar archive named [AndrewID]_hw0.tar, where [AndrewID] is replaced by your Andrew ID, minus the brackets. For example, user with AndrewID odb would submit odb_hw0.tar. Submit the archive via email to tdecker@andrew.cmu.edu. Failure to follow instructions on this homework will result in an automatic zero.

For information on creating a tar archive, please see here. For the most part, while working on Linux, all you'll need to know is that you need to cd into the directory containing your deliverables and then type tar -cvf [AndrewID]_hw0.tar p1.txt p2.c p3.m.

It is expected that basic navigation abilities on the computing clusters is available. If you are having difficulty or are unable to do so, please notify a TA immediately.