16-311 Introduction to Robotics
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  16-311 Homework 1

16-311 Homework 1

Learning Objectives

  1. Recall simple linear algebra.
  2. Manipulate an imamge to identify key objects.


Linear Algebra

Linear algebra refers to the study of vectors and linear functions. Linear algebra come up all the time in robotics from computer vision to manipulation. It is helpful to have a solid understanding of vectors and matrices for robotics. In this homework, we touch on orthogonal matrices, inverses and transposes. Further reading can be found here: Orthogonal Matrix, Transpose and Inverse.

Image Manipulation

We have learned a little bit about ways to think about and identify items from arrays of numbers. Here are some concepts that may be helpful: thresholding, feature identification and detection.

Homework Requirements

The 2017 Specifications for Homework are presented in the following document.

2017 Homework 1 Handout


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