How to scribe for 15-859(E): Linear and Semidefinite Programming

  1. Take complete notes for the class. Note the lecture number.
  2. Download lpsdp.sty, lpsdp-lecture.tex, lpsdp.bib, and lectureXX.tex. You might also want example-figure.pdf. Put them all in the same directory.
  3. Rename lectureXX.tex by replacing XX with the two-digit number of the lecture (01, 02, ..., 09, 10, 11, ..., etc.).
  4. Edit the file lpsdp-lecture.tex and similarly change the reference to 'lectureXX' therein.
  5. (Main step.) Edit the lectureXX.tex file so as to include your scribe notes. Set the lecture number, title, lecturer, and scribe name in the first line as appropriate. Use macros appearing in lpsdp.sty as appropriate. Use LaTex best practices! See the sample stuff inside lectureXX.tex for examples. Include at least one figure.
  6. If necessary, add to (but don't subtract from) lpsdp.bib.
  7. Produce your pdf by bibtexing lpsdp-lecture and by pdflatexing lpsdp-lecture. The output file will be lpsdp-lecture.pdf.
  8. When you are done, rename lpsdp-lecture.pdf to lectureXX.pdf (but replace XX with the lecture number of course).
  9. Email the following files to the lecturer (either Anupam or Ryan): lectureXX.tex, lectureXX.pdf, figure file(s), and lpsdp.bib (iff you added to it).
  10. The deadline is four calendar days after the lecture.

LaTexing tips:
Math Writing tips: