Schedule for Web Technologies, CS 15847a

Adam Beguelin

Carnegie Mellon University, Spring Semester 1996

January 15(M)
Introduction, course overview and policies
Web History
Reading Web Timeline
January 17
Internet Overview, protocols, and Future Directions
January 19
Student Presentation
Reading: Original TCP paper by Cerf and Kahn
January 22(M)
Web Architecture
January 24
HTML 3.0, Style sheets, and extensions
Assignment 1 due today at 1pm.
January 26
Student presentation
Reading: The Java Language Environment: A White Paper
January 29(M)
CGI Scripts
January 31
February 2
Student Presentation
Analysis of HTTP Performance problems
HTTP-NG Architectural Overview
February 5(M)
More on Imagemaps and Hidden Values in Forms
Assignment 2 due
February 7
Netscape Plugins
February 9
Student Presentation
Byte Range Extensions to HTTP
February 12(M)
Overview of server functionality
February 14
Brief introduction to W3 reference library
February 16
Guest lecture by Raj Reddy on Univeral Library Project
February 19(M)
February 21
February 23
Java: Intefaces, Threads, and Exceptions
February 26(M)
Guest lecture by Juan Leon on setting up a server
February 28
Web Security Alma Whitten guest lecturer.
Here are Alma's slides in postscript. View them at your own risk. ;-)
March 1
Java Applets
March 4 (M)
Mid-semester break (no classes)
March 6
More on Applets
Example Applet: Wiggle
Class projects
March 8
No Class, SCS Systems day
March 11(M)
March 13
Student Presentation
Where the World Wide Web Went Wrong
March 15
Remap Course
March 18(M)
Hypermedia Issues
Student Presentation and class discussion
March 20
Graphics File Formats ( FAQ )
GIF (Presentation by Paul Clip)
LZW , (Presentation by Ashish Koli)
JPEG (Presentation by Ross Fubini)
March 22
Compuserve/Unisys/IBM Legal issues regarding GIF format (Presentation by James Diskin)
Video formats: MPEG1, MPEG2
Student Presentation
March 25-29 (M-F)
Spring Vacation (no classes)
April 1(M)
OGI MPEG player
Student Presentation
April 3
HORB distributed Java
Remote Objects for Java
April 5
Student Presentation
April 8(M)
No class
April 10
Project status reports due
The Harvest System
Student presentation by Chuck Swiger and Bartley Troyan
Harvest.Conf.txt.Z or
April 12
Student presentation
SSL 3.0 HTML Version and an Overview of Version 2.
S-HTTP Text version or Two up postscript version and an Overview
April 15(M)
No class
April 17
Ethical Issues, David Touretzky guest lecturer
April 19-20 (F-Sa)
Spring Carnival (no classes)
April 22(M)
Robots and Spiders
April 24
SFI and Omniware or Why you don't need to learn Java
April 26
PICS Platform for Internet Content
April 29(M)
Web Commerce
May 1
Legal Issues
May 3 (F) Last day of classes*
Back to the Future
May 6-8
Project Presentations (Check the Project Schedule )
May 24 (F)
Grades Mailed to students