15-740 Fall '96
Notes on Assignments

In the following, the term HOME740 refers to the home directory for the course, namely /afs/cs.cmu.edu/academic/class/15740-f95/public.

The term LIB740 refers to the library file HOME740/lib/lib740.a, containing the object code for any runtime support routines supplied for your use. For your convenience, the sources for the library are available in subdirectory HOME740/src.

The following information is in reverse order of assignment, i.e., the most recent assignments appear first.

Assignment 6

Assignment 6 was issued on Nov. 21. The assignment document is available in postscript form. Read the newsgroup (cmu.cs.class.cs740) for some helpful hints.

Assignment 5

Assignment 5 was issued on Nov. 12. The assignment document is available in postscript form. The first part of the assignment involves using a number of Quicktime video. These are available in the directory /afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/bryant/asst5-pix.

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 was issued on Oct. 29. The assignment document is available in postscript form.


Assignment 3

Assignment 3 was issued on Oct. 15 and is due on Thurs., Oct. 24. The assignment document is available in postscript form.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 was issued on Sept. 26 and is due on Thurs., Oct. 10. The assignment document is available in compressed postscript form. Note that the uncompressed version is huge (3.2MB), so make sure you have plenty of disk space. You can also get a postscript for slides presented in our special ``recitation section'' on October 3.

You will want to copy the file files.tar in the directory HOME740/asst/asst2 into your local directory and ``untar'' it using the command
tar xvf files.tar.

Getting the GUI version of the simulator running requires compiling and linking the Tcl/Tk code libraries. Try find a machine with these libraries installed. In one machine I tried, the libraries were installed in /usr/local/lib, but the files tk.h and tcl.h were nowhere to be found. So, I put copies of them in the class include directory. Here would be the proper incantation:
make mips_tk CFLAGS=-I/afs/cs.cmu.edu/academic/class/15740-f96/include

Note, however, that this works only if the installed libraries are the same version as the include files.

Thurs., Oct. 3: I fixed up the files in files.tar to deal with different versions of TK (3.6 and 4.1). The default is 3.6, which should work on machines in SCS. For machines in Andrew, 4.1 seems to be the current version. To install on these machines, type:
make mips_tk TKVER=4.1
I've successfully installed the code on both HP and Sun machines in Andrew-Land.

Wed., Oct. 9: As pointed out by Rick Romero in the class newsgroup, the handout incorrectly lists the settings of the global variable sim_mode. The correct set of values is: S_WEDGED, S_STALL, and S_FORWARD.

Thurs., Nov. 7 This assignment has been graded and returned. A copy of my version of ufix.c is available. The tests I used are in the directory AFS740/public/asst/asst2/solve. The `.s' files contain some explanatory comments.

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 was issued on Sept. 17 and due on Thurs., Sept. 26. The assignment is available in postscript form.

9/17/96: Important change: Contrary to the initial handout, you should just turn in one writeup for each project group (maximum of 3 people/group). Be sure to indicate the group members in your report.

I find the program dis to be the nicest disassembler for MIPS code, although you can also use the disassemble command within gdb. For systems running Ultrix, it should be on the normal program search path. For my local Mach machine, I found it in /usr/misc/.ultrix/bin. Try running it with the -h flag set.