15-494/694 Cognitive Robotics:
Proposed Final Projects

  • Jeremy Chiu: intent recognition using BERT and/or GPT-3.5.

  • Jacob Doughty and Emmet Myers: Family Feud simulation using GPT-3.5.

  • Nora Everly: navigating through Cozmo's Dream House.

  • Venkat Gella: manipulating "qubes" with magnetic coupling.

  • Rebecca Manley and Nathaniel Glover: playing Uno with physical cards.

  • Cherie Hua and Ritika Mehta: Cozmo as therapist, using GPT, intent recognition, and facial emotion recognition.

  • Anju Ito and Josep Pujadas: playing Hangman with voice input and GPT.

  • Maxwell Jones and Akshath Burra: full depth recovery and image segmentation from single images.

  • Dina Long and Sejal Madan: Snapchat filters generated with DALL-E 2 and mapped to the face using Cozmo's facial landmark detection.

  • Rohit Malhotra and Richard Wu: using a GPT model that can invoke other models, such as image understanding, in order to handle queries.

  • Hugo Martinez: crossword puzzle solver that visually parses the board and uses GPT to solve.

  • Rohan Patel: planner that uses GPT-3.5 to generate FSM files which are then compiled and run.

  • Jason Perez: scouting terrain (maze of walls) using GPT to guide the search.

  • Thomas Rich: using GPT-3.5 to play 20 questions and have Cozmo react emotionaly as he plays.

Dave Touretzky