Cognitive Robotics 2023 Final Projects

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Hangman with Cozmo Play the hangman game. Josep Pujadas and Anju Ito slides
Cozmo Feud Integrate ChatGPT with Cozmo to play Family Feud. Jacob Doughty and Emmett Myers slides
Cozmo Therapist Cozmo acts as a virtual therapist. Ritika Mehta and Cherie Hua slides
Cozmo Creates Snapchat Filters Use image generation plus facial detection to create and apply filters like Snapchat. Sejal Madan and Dina Long slides
Cozmo's Crossword Parse and solve crossword puzzles. Hugo Martinez slides
Cozmo's Heist Use GPT to plan a path through an environment. Jason Perez slides
Remaking SHRDLU with GPT Intent recognition and question answering with GPT. Jeremy Chiu slides
Cozmo Robot Depth Map Use deep neural net to do monocular depth estimation. Maxwell Jones and Akshath Burra slides
Playing Uno Teach Cozmo to recogzize cards for and play the game Uno. Rebecca Manley and Nathan Glover slides
Cozmo Dream House Navigate through Cozmo's Magic Dream House Nora Everly slides
Cozmo Natural Language Interface Turn text into state machine programs and run them. Rohan Patel slides
Spontaneous Reponse to Dynamic Environments Use multiple deep neural net models to path plan in changing environments. Richard Wu and Rohit Mallhotra slides
Quizmo Cozmo plays 20 questions using ChatGPT. Thomas Rich slides
Cozmo Qube Construction New cube-like manipulatives with magnets inside. Venkat Gella slides