Project 1 Report

                                               -Abhijeet Budruk




Images of the Russian Empire:Colorizing the Prokudin-Gorskii

photo collection:


The program was broken into three modules:

1.        To obtain red, green and blue channel images from the original photo collection.

2.        Align the images with respect to each other.

3.        Place the three images over each other to produce the final image.


The code for the program has been provided in 2 word document files.

The sum of squared differences approach was used to obtain the alignment.


Here are the results of the analysis:

Pictures on the left side were obtained when images were overlaid without alignment.

Pictures on the right side were obtained when images were overlaid with alignment.












It is clear that aligned images look much better than the non aligned images.


Problems with program:

1.        The edges of picture are blurred and do not reveal the details in original picture.

2.        Mechanical cropping in Adobe photoshop, followed by alignment gives rise to much better

Images. However, I was not able to develop an automatic cropping program.

3.        Program is unable to handle the large size images such as 00458, 01043. I tried to develop a multiscale approach to alignment, however, the program is not fully complete right now.