Ryan Thompson (rgt)
15-463 Final Project
Tour into the Picture with Head Tracking


The goal of this project was to extend project 5 by adding head tracking functionality to the Tour Into Picture idea. Basically, by knowing where the viewers head is, a realistic viewing experience can be created for the user with illusions of depth and perspective.

To accomplish head tracking, some open source software by Johnny Lee was used which employs the use of the Nintendo Wii controller (wiimote). The wiimote has an infrared camera installed at the tip. With the wiimote's IR camera and the Wii's "sensor bar" (which consists of two IR lights), the position of a user's head can be inferred by placing the wiimote at the base of a viewing screen and holding the sensor bar at eye level. See here for more information on Johnny Lee's project. (It's the last one down)

Demo Video