15-418/15-618: Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming, Spring 2018: Schedule


  • The exact topics of the lectures are subject to change.
  • We do not anticipate changing any of the other dates (exams, assignments, etc.)
Date Topic Assignment  

Jan 17 Martin Luther King Day, No class Assignment 1 out
Jan 19 Why parallelism
Jan 21 Instruction-level parallelism Exercise A out

Jan 24 Recitation ILP, SIMD, & Performance bounds
Jan 25 No class Assignment 1 due for waitlist
Jan 26 Modern multicore processors
Jan 28 Parallel programming models

Jan 31 Recitation: CUDA programming Assignment 1 due for registered students, Assignment 2 out
Feb 2 Parallel programming basics Exercise A due, Exercise B out
Feb 4 Work distribution and scheduling

Feb 7 Graphic processing units and CUDA
Feb 9 Locality, communication, and contention Exercise B due, Exercise C out
Feb 11 Recitation: Open MP programming

Feb 14 Application case studies Assignment 2 due, Assignment 3 out
Feb 16 Workload-driven performance evaluation Exercise C due, Exercise D out
Feb 18 Snooping-based cache coherence

Feb 21 Snooping implementation
Feb 23 Recitation: Exam Review Exercise D due, Exercise E out
Feb 25 Exam 1

Feb 28 Directory-based cache coherence
Mar 2 Recitation: MPI programming Exercise E due, Exercise F out
Mar 4 No lecture Assignment 3 due, Assignment 4 out

Mar 7 Spring break
Mar 9 Spring break
Mar 11 Spring break

Mar 14 Performance Measurement and Tuning
Mar 16 Memory consistency Exercise F due, Exercise G out
Mar 18 Interconnection networks Assignment 4 due

Mar 21 Implementing synchronization
Mar 23 Fine-grained synchronization, lock-free programming Project proposal due, Exercise G due, Exercise H out
Mar 25 MPI, OpenMP, Cilk implementation

Mar 28 Heterogenous parallelism
Mar 30 Domain-specific languages Exercise H due, Exercise I out
Apr 1 Domain-specific frameworks

Apr 4 Deep neural networks A
Apr 6 Deep neural networks B Exercise I due
Apr 8 To be determined

Apr 11 Recitation: Exam Review Project checkpoint
Apr 13 Exam 2
Apr 15 No lecture

Apr 18 No lecture
Apr 20 No lecture
Apr 22 No lecture

Apr 25 No lecture
Apr 27 No lecture
Apr 29 Last Day of Semester Project report due