15-414 Assignments, Exams and Solutions
Assignment Date Assigned Date Due Link to Solutions
Homework 1: (pdf) (Data for problem 7) (LaTeX source for HW) 09/07/06 09/26/06 (pdf1), (pdf2)
Homework 2: (pdf)
Data for problem 2: contains three test cases and a high level description of the code in sudoku_pseudocode.cpp.
09/26/06 10/10/06  
Homework 3: (pdf), SMV file for problem 4
Instructions on how to get NuSMV or Cadence SMV running.
11/01/06 11/14/06  
Homework 4: (pdf) 11/17/06 12/07/06  
Homework 4    
Homework 5    
Final Project    

Typed homework is not required, but we don't discourage it. It is your responsibility to make sure your handin is legible.