Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
Fall 2010
GHC 4307, TR 3:00-4:20P
Anupam Gupta
Danny Sleator

Teaching Assistants
Adam Blank
Dmitriy Chernyak
Tim Wilson

Office Hours
TA Office Hours are held at Wean 8th Floor Couches

  • Adam: 6-8pm

  • Monday
  • Tim: 4:30-6pm

  • Tuesday
  • Anupam: 4:30-6pm
  • Adam: 6-8pm

  • Wednesday
  • Tim: 4:30-6pm
  • Dmitriy: 6-8pm

  • Thursday
  • Danny: 4:30-6pm
  • Dmitriy: 6-8pm

  • Friday

    Welcome to 15-251!

  • Students are strongly encouraged to use the class BBoard, academic.cs.15-251. Here are two ways to view it:
    • Webmail. Login, and then click on FOLDERS. Under "UNSUBSCRIBE/SUBSCRIBE" type in "academic.cs.15-251".
    • Pine. Login. Go to Folder List. Go down to Bboards, and hit enter. Hit "a" for addsub. Type in "academic.cs.15-251" without quotes.

    Quick Tips

  • Class schedule, download lectures and homeworks: visit Calendar.
  • Office hours: visit Staff.
  • Notes, help on various things (e.g. submitting homework, LaTeX): visit Wiki.

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