Lab 4 Wall of Fame

The following Carnegie Mellon CS 213 students beat the TA's solution in the Spring of 2003. This is especially impressive since the TA had a tendancy to cheat. Congratulations!

United Penguins solution

Team Members Team Name CPE64 CPE128 CPE256 CPE512 CPE1024 Misses 256 Avg. CPE Overall Score
mtomczak+ybchangXor and Nand183212255262306155003243.6100
ktse+csimonUnited Penguins153187236263315154843230.8100
lmoh+wenyaoEVA-00, Ayanami Rei186221257268281155182242.6100
mbergouthe dude abides183226256266271155091240.4100
syc+yuhualpapa smurf184218255262276154512239100

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