Assignments and Quizzes

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Assignments and Quizzes

Assignments form a critical part of the course work. Experience has shown that concepts are best learned by applying them to example problems or by implementing them in computer programs. The quizzes will be based on the material learned in the homeworks, as well as on recent material covered in class.

Assignments will typically consist of a programming part and a written part. The programming part will be handed in electronically and in hard copy as well. The electronic copy is due by 1:00 AM on Tuesday and the hardcopy must be handed in by the beginning of class on Tuesday (12:00PM). Handins after class starts will be considered late. Late assignments will be accepted in electronic and hardcopy form up until 9:00AM Wednesday (the hardcopy must be handed in either to the recitation instructor at the beginning of the first recitation or to the course secretary). Twenty percent will be deducted from the score of any work handed in late. Any written part must be handed in with the hardcopy, but does not need to be handed in electronically. More information on electronic handin is in section gif and explicit instructions will be given on each homework as well.

The grade on the programming part of an assignment will be broken down into two parts:

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