Course Requirements

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Course Requirements

Your participation in the course will involve the following forms of activity: attending and participating in lectures and recitations, reading the texts, doing the homework assignments, and taking the quizzes, midterm, and final.

The grade will break down as follows:

Although your grade does not depend directly on attendance, you will be responsible for the material covered in both the main lecture and in your recitation.

Grades for the course will be determined by a curve. First, we will compute a weighted total of each student's scores on assignments and exams. These will be plotted as a histogram, and then approximate cutoff points for the different letter grades will be determined. Individual cases, especially those near the cutoff points may then be adjusted upward or downward based on factors such as earned extra credit and participation in recitation discussions. Very roughly, we expect to give about 25-30% A's, 30-40% B's, 20-25% C's, and about 10% ``other.'' This is not a requirement, however; we could give all A's if performance warrants it.

Make-up on the quizzes or exams will be given only by presenting a letter from your Dean or the Director of Athletics. Be prepared to present your student I.D. at the Midterm and Final.

The textbooks cover most of the material taught in the course. In the schedule shown in the section gif, you will see the readings associated with each section of the course. It would be a good idea to read over each of these sections twice-a brief reading before the lecture to become familiar with the basic concepts, and a more thorough reading later to understand the details.

Kan Deng
Sat Jan 21 13:17:12 EST 1995