Electronic Hand-in:

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Electronic Hand-in:

All of the programs, and some of the written assignments will be handed in electronically. To do this, simply copy the appropriate file(s) into the directory:

where userid is your Andrew user ID, (e.g., rb3l), and is the assignment number being handed in.

On each of the deadline times for an assignment, a program will scan through the student handin directories and collect copies of any files it finds. It will then leave a ``timestamp'' file in this directory confirming that the collection has taken place.

Collection of files will only occur once. However, you are free to copy new versions of your file(s) into your handin directory up until the collection actually takes place.

Only you plus the teaching and grading staff have access to your handin directory. You must be logged in under your Andrew user ID to get access to your directory.

Kan Deng
Sat Jan 21 13:17:12 EST 1995