Welcome to the WebWatcher Project


WebWatcher is a "tour guide" agent for the world wide web. Once you tell it what kind of information you seek, it accompanies you from page to page as you browse the web, highlighting hyperlinks that it believes will be of interest. Its strategy for giving advice is learned from feedback from earlier tours.

WebWatcher Instances

WebWatcher can help you search for information starting from any of the following pages, but it has learned the most for the first of these. Currently WebWatcher is online only on an irregular basis. You might want to take a look at the following demo instead.

Personal WebWatcher

WebWatcher gives tours to many people (over 8,500 thus far), and learns to become a specialist at a particular web site. In contrast, our Personal WebWatcher project stays with a single user, becoming a specialist in that user's interests.


Project Members

Alumni: Please report bugs and comments to webwatch@cs.cmu.edu.